inLieu was created to fill a gap between material gift giving and donating to the causes we love. The perfect gift for any occasion–a simple thank you, graduation, host, or wedding gift, or for no occasion at all—inLieu is giving us the opportunity to participate in changing the world, one gift at a time. Next time you feel the need to purchase a meaningless candle or bottle of wine, or you want to create a fun opportunity to give back for a special occasion, simply download inLieu and start giving! 

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It all started on a run one Saturday morning in December.  I was going through my “to do” list like I always do on my long runs and realized that I had not purchased a hostess gift for the Holiday party we were attending that night. 

I could definitely find a scented candle or bottle of wine that I could grab and take with me (one of which was probably delivered to my house by a friend for the same reason), but this was a friend that I knew did not want nor need my candle, bottle of wine, or anything else for that matter. 

Do I dare walk in empty handed? 

What I wanted to do was go home and send my friend a text:

“Hey Gretchen, we are super excited about the party tonight, but in lieu of bringing you a re-gifted bottle of wine, we made a donation to your favorite charity!  See you tonight.” 

Perfect!  But then I realized nothing like this existed.  As time passed, it became clear that there were many opportunities to make donations in lieu gifts, but I couldn’t find an easy way to do it. 

Then you have all the luncheons, galas and fundraisers that we are invited to -- I would love to be able to find the charity in my mobile phone, make a donation and at the same time thank my friend as I'm leaving the event.  Or better yet, in lieu of attending the event I could just send a message and a donation at the same time. 

Well, I finally got sick of waiting for someone to build my little app so I decided to do it myself.  I hope you use it as much as me.  And if you are ever invited to my home, please do not bring me any damn flowers, just inLieu me instead.  

Kathy Terry