Super-user Heather Powell Shares Why She Loves inLieu

  1. How did you hear about the inLieu App? Did you download it the first time you heard about it?

    My friend Carol Gormin sent me the link after she donated to a mutual cause. I downloaded the app immediately! She even donated in my honor as a thank you for joining!
  2. What did you think of the download/sign-up experience?

    Efficient and user friendly.
  3. How do you use inLieu?

    Many ways! As a thank you to colleagues for lunch, for referrals for vendors; As birthday gifts; As a quick "thinking of you" in the moment donations, and as a way to give to my own favorite charities. In real estate, we have a chance to thank everyone from plumbers, electricians, title companies, contractors, co-agents, and of course, our clients!
  4. What are your favorite reasons and/or ways to give when using inLieu?

    Random acts of kindness! I was sitting at P. Terry's for the 100th time this summer, and the staff is always so nice and welcomes me so warmly. I InLieu'd Kathy Terry from the drive thru to let her know how much I appreciate their staff. My favorite ways are birthdays and pop-up gifts of gratitude. It's especially great for out of town friends!
  5. Has your mentality or behavior shifted towards giving after using inLieu?

    Yes! We don't need more, we need to help others more. This is the perfect way to support those who are in real need.
  6. Have you saved your favorite nonprofits to your profile? If so, what causes are you passionate about?

    Yes! I am very supportive of education, women's causes and children's charities. I have a beautiful 11 year old, and I think about what lengths I would go to to keep him safe and happy. I would want that happiness and security for every child. SafePlace and the Children's Shelter, CASA, and the Boys and Girls Clubs are charities I give to via InLieu. I also support the Magdalene House in Austin. These victims of human trafficking need everything we have to give and more.
  7. Has your giving increased since using inLieu?

  8. What are people’s reactions when they get an inLieu from you?

    Most are hooked immediately on doing the same for their friends.
  9. What feature do you most enjoy about the app?

    Getting to know other people's charities. There are so many great causes!
  10. How often do you use inLieu?

    Once or twice a month, depending on my birthday list!
  11. Have you learned anything about other nonprofits while using inLieu?

    There are charities WORLDWIDE that need help. As a a native Austinite, I tend to limit my sphere of giving to just Austin. The world is a big and beautiful place , and there are many ways to help globally.
  12. What is the biggest benefit to using inLieu?

    Instant giving power from wherever I am!
  13. Are there any features you would like to see improved or added to the app?

    More social shares from users to spread the word.
  14. Would you recommend inLieu to your friends?

    Highly! Every chance I get to give, it's another way to get someone else on board.
  15. How would you describe inLieu to your friends?

    The best good karma app, ever. Honor everyone in your world from friends, family, colleagues, service workers, boards of directors to babysitters with a direct donation to their their favorite charity. It's easy, efficient and is the gift that can keep on giving. If we share the gift of instant giving together, we can make a difference!